true mama photography | Experience


My approach to family photography is a direct reflection of my heart: 

I believe in supporting and encouraging all women by lifting up the beauty of their real lives, because life can be a work in progress and a work of art at the same time

I spend most of my time during our session getting down on the ground and playing with your family! I bring a relaxed, low-key energy to my sessions that allow your personalities to shine. One of my superpowers is connecting with kids of all kinds (and pets, too!).

I love to share loads of photos with you and give you unlimited access to them as soon as possible. You will never be limited to choosing a small number of your favorite images - you will ALWAYS receive your full gallery from me. No strings attached. 

I give 5% of all profits back to international non-profit organizations who directly support women and mothers. One of my favorite organizations to support is Every Mother Counts

My career has always been rooted in education. If you are a teacher, you will always get extra hugs, hot coffee and a free gift from me.

What To Expect:

Just my little camera and me coming over and hanging out with your crew at home (in your jammies if you wish). Leave the dishes in the sink and the toys scattered on the floor. Leave blueberry smudges on your toddler's lips and fresh bedhead uncombed. Top off your coffee and settle into your normal routines. This is real life, and trust me, this is the good stuff.

1) Before my visit, we will connect to talk about what type of story is important for you to tell. Every family is unique, and I want to understand what values and experiences you want to have captured.

2) During our session, I will fit comfortably into your home and eventually melt into the background, helping anxious parents relax and interact naturally with their kids, and allowing children to show their full personalities. This comfort level will show through in the photos, demonstrating authentic connections and spontaneous moments between family members. 

3) After our time together, I will professionally hand-edit your images with love and care to enhance details for high-quality prints.

Customize a Photography Package to Fit your Unique Family

No two families are the same, so why should pricing be one-size-fits all? Your session package will be tailored to YOU: your vision, your location, our time together, the number of people in your party, your budget, and other factors. Investments are typically crafted within a range from $275 to $1,250.

Sessions can be highly tailored to your family's interests and activities. While most storytelling sessions occur in the comfort of your home, birthday parties, baptisms, fall trips to the farm, winter hikes in the foothills, and multi-generational holiday celebrations are all examples of important opportunities to capture the emotions, connections, details, and memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Contact me to set up a time to grab coffee together or hop on the phone to craft a vision for your unique storytelling session! I truly can't wait to hear from you and start our work together right away!