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10 on 10 July

July 10, 2018  •  4 Comments

Welcome to the July 10-on-10 - a monthly pause from the details of everyday life - a milestone I love because it pushes me to cull through my personal images taken in the last thirty days, reflect a bit and give a whole lot of thanks, and share my favorite ten with you. 

The surreal part about this post is that it's the last of its kind in a way.

Next month's share on August 10th will include the arrival of our third daughter, who is due any day now. With the spirit of change in the air and the excitement of adding a new soul into our family, I wanted to dedicate this blog in particular to the characteristics I adore about my two girls. I know, I feature them each month, but my lens was a bit different as I chose ten that rose to the top as frames that show why each of them are so so very special to me.

They are adventurers and nurturers. They are curious and kind and whimsical. They really love and care for each other, which continues to make me wonder how on earth I got so lucky to be their mom. This is for you - Z and L - you are my whole heart.


   Thanks for visiting! If you connected with this sibling series at all, I welcome you to leave a little love and let me know! :)

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Penelope Hale(non-registered)
Beautiful, Shea! I love that you curated your post based on elements of their personality.
Love the photos. You will be happy you captured before baby #3. Congratulations! I look forward to pics of the new one.
Lisa R. Howeler(non-registered)
Oh, Shea!! I love these photos! The one in the hammock is just so perfect and precious! All of these make me weepy! I'm so excited to see photos of your new little blessing in August!!
Beautiful images. I LOVE the hammock shot, such a great perspective and your conversion is gorgeous.
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