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10 on 10 June

June 10, 2018  •  9 Comments

This month - happy June, ya'll! - I've narrowed my favorite personal photographs to the morning.

Specifically, I'm sharing images from the first hour or so we spend together each day. It's by far my favorite time of the day. I feel like I'm at my best and the day is so new and fresh that the girls are also so imaginative and open to the possibilities of the day. Plus - it's summertime! It's light and warm and the birds are singing and the world is just so alive.

My youngest almost always wakes up first and asks to eat. And we get this really precious time together when I can really appreciate her sweet, nurturing little soul. She is one of the most attentive, caring people I know.

My eldest almost always comes downstairs pretty disheveled and sensitive, declaring something important to her audience. Sometimes she talks about a nightmare she had or asks a question about a part of a book we read the night before. Sometimes she quotes movie lines. 

One thing these girls have taught me in these morning moments is they almost never ask what we're going to do that day. They don't ask for a plan. And while I function best with one, they are teaching me that this time in the 6 and 7 o'clock hours is ours and ours alone. We aren't expected anywhere or late to anything (yet), or have to show up for anyone else. We get to just be ourselves, messy hair, milk mustaches, footie jammies and all, and do what brings us joy. We don't even put on sunscreen to go outside. We feel that free. :)

I feel like I missed out on mornings the first two years of motherhood as I rushed off early to work, and so I will never overlook this time I have now as one of the greatest gifts I could ever give myself and them.

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Ohhh the light and the details!!! Beautiful, just beautiful.
I love your use of that beautiful morning light! Lovely shots!
As someone who is really not a morning person, your beautiful writing and gorgeous images have encouraged me to try to get up with my early waking daughter and spend some time with her. Thanks for sharing this magic hour and your stunning garden.
Erika Kao(non-registered)
Oh my goodness. THAT BACKYARD GARDEN. I am green with envy. It's stunning, and it makes for some truly amazing photos. Well done on this!
Such sweet and beautiful pictures. I can feel the peacefulness and warmth.
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