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10 on 10 May

May 10, 2018  •  10 Comments

Every month, I go through a similar mental exercise. 

First, I doubt whether I have a single photo I've made for myself that I'm proud of. I can't imagine ten I've snapped that will work for this project and wonder if this is the month I take a break from sharing my work. My personal work. My home, my children, my life.

Then, I start to go back thirty days. And remember. 

And the closer I look, the more I find my heart lifting, gratitude pounding through my veins. My voice is here. Some moments were, indeed, captured in spite of it all. There was beauty - lots of it. There was even tenderness. There were stay-home days and adventure days. And family. We had a balance, we had a rhythm. How quickly I had doubted it.

And then I find myself struggling to narrow it down, from 50, 40, 30... I love them all, of course, they are my people. But it's an exercise I love to practice - the art of reducing down to the very best, the most meaningful. And each time, I find I have an abundance. More than I give myself credit for. More happiness than I feel deserving of, at times. It's here. Right in front of me.

Here are my 10. 


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Jennifer Blake(non-registered)
I totally get what you mean about wondering if you've captured anything "worthy", but you definitely have! I love all the light and details in these images. Beautiful work!
I loved all of these. They had the feeling of a home.
I can totally relate with your words, so true!
Beautiful everyday and that's nice that you have included yourself in there :)
Shea, what a delightful set of images. They have a calm and beauty to them that make them so special as time marches on.
I also find it difficult to narrow down photos of your own family!
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