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Home for the Holidays

January 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This mama met me before I was a mother. She welcomed me into her school family first, and opened her own home to me many times after. She's helped me wade through the muddy waters of work and life and helped me welcome two babies into the world, all while encouraging her own grown babies to figure out their own paths as young adults, to leave the home with strong roots and gorgeous wings. To say she's a role model for me doesn't come close to the justice it deserves.


I slowly sift through these images for evidence I can take away to build my own family with such rock solid joy and love. I soak up these deep, rich and mature relationships hoping to take away just a sliver into my own life, because teenage and young adults seem so slippery to me, so hard to know that it'll all work out for my own little souls. I, too, can only hope to encourage their own happiness and success without layering on my own definitions of happiness and success on them. This humble mama would say it's still a work in progress for her, but to me, she's given me a model I can only hope to aspire to some day.

With love, here is the beautiful, the incredible, F family.


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