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September 14, 2017  •  3 Comments

When a baby girl's name is inspired by a Girl Scout treat, you know two things. One, that she's got to be a little extra sweet, and two, that mama is going to be pretty awesome, too. Both proved to be true. 

At six weeks old, baby Savannah is holding on to her baby blues, loving her time gazing out her picture window at the shadows of leaves dancing in the wind, and not a fan of getting out of her warm bath (same). She's growing and changing by the minute, it seems, and her favorite place to find comfort is her mama's arms. She's a smart cookie (see what I did there?), because she's got one beautiful, strong, smart mother to look up to. I get the sense that their lives together are just going to exponentially grow with fun and adventure and laughter. This is the beginning of their love story. 




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I love everything and everyone about this!
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So much love!
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