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Two Months New

August 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Her curious, liquid-brown eyes. That deep chin dimple. Those little leg kicks, and the way her balled-up fists are finding their way to her mouth. The way her head fits perfectly into her mama's neck. All. the. drool.

"Soak it all up! All the new and all the hard and all the worry - all of it! The time goes by so fast," I want to blurt out as if this mama hasn't heard this advice a hundred times before. I know she knows this. 

There is something about the beginning of our motherhood journey that is just so breathlessly, immersively new and unlike anything else in this world. It makes your heart feel so raw and exposed. The only other time I know that changes you like this is when you lose someone dear to you. This mama is experiencing both. No words I can say, certainly no cliches, can do justice to these powerful feelings.

What I can do is be her mirror for the deep adoration her little family has for her. I can reflect through the little moments of the day just how much tenderness and joy is in her home. I can show her something that my words could never accomplish - that love prevails. 

With all my gratitude and respect for this incredible mama, here are some moments savored with her darling baby girl, at two months new


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