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August 03, 2017  •  1 Comment

This little one is surrounded by such a deeply loving and caring community of family and friends. Her playmats are stitched from old saris, brought from a traveling friend in Dhaka. Her toys are carefully selected gifts from family and friends - every one has a story and a history. Her home is filled with crisp, beautiful picture books and photos of smiling relatives and playful colleagues. The warm brick walls and local art delight her eyes. Her puppy is quick to offer a kiss whenever allowed. Freshly baked muffins and banana bread sit cooling on her kitchen counter, ready to share with a mason jar of fresh water. On her doorstep, bright pots bursting with summer flowers frame friendly interactions with neighbors. A vintage camper van sits patiently in front of her house, waiting their next mountain adventure. Custom bicycles fill her garage, one is built just for her to look up at her mama and out at the passing leaves on her way to the park. She is rich beyond measure with beauty and love, and she shares that joy wherever she goes! You bring so much light to your mamas' eyes, little Josephine Jane, and the world is a better place with you in it. 


I can't stop looking at the photos Shea sent to us. I'm captivated by all of the little nuanced gestures and expressions. She captured so much more than I expected- the joy in Josie's eye as she tries something new, the confident way in which Josie looks you in the eye, saying "I'm here, world, look at me", and the comfort that the three of us have in one another's presence. Thanks to Shea, we'll forever have memories of this first summer as mamas.
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