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Naughty or Nice? Santa Knows!

December 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The holiday season seems to hold its own sense of time. For kids, it must feel like an eternity to wait between the time the tree goes up and the time you're allowed to open those presents. For parents, though, or at least for me, time seems to blur together with a full calendar and so much I want to say and give and do.

It swings between a feeling of excess as well as generosity. We all try to give our kids these precious experiences of holiday rituals and routines and instill in them the true meaning of this time of year. Of light and love and hope. And so, even when our kids are a little sugar-crazed, or present-obsessed, or just tired and sick from all the running around, we remind ourselves that the holidays are really about being together.

If we have that, we have more than enough. We actually have it all. Merry Christmas, B family, you are one lucky tribe. 


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