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Giving Thanks

November 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Our little family lives states away from all our grandparents, so holidays have been a learning process around how to see our loved ones, feed our hearts and souls with the joy of exploring new places, and establish our own family's rituals and routines at home. 

One holiday that seems to be settling into a nice mix of all three goals is Thanksgiving. The last two years, we've rented a house in a new spot within a day's drive of Denver and taken one set of grandparents to spend the better part of a week with them. Everyone gets lots of quality time together; we stay busy hiking during the day, cooking meals and playing games in front of the fireplace at night. 

This year we journeyed to Moab, UT, and we all loved soaking up the vast, strange, desert scenery and stargazing in the cool, dry, clear night skies. It is a great spot for kids and grandparents, with a robust dinosaur museum, lots of natural parks and scenic playgrounds, friendly, relaxed locals, a small but bustling downtown featuring wonderful small businesses as well as a great little winery / tasting room within walking distance of our house (ok, that last one was really for me).

So far, we're two for two on this new Thanksgiving traveling tradition of ours. Our buckets are full with so many new memories made together. Time to start planning next year's trip! Where should we go next?!?


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