My Why

My two little girls are the reasons why I started photographing people. Motherhood has rocked my world in so many ways, and True Mama was born out of my own hunger to appreciate it all. The mess. The goofiness. The wide-eyed wonder. The tactile sensations of learning something new. And this work has given me the most precious gift - it has given me a new way of telling my story.


I've come to realize that the more we can embrace our own unique motherhood journey and live bravely and confidently in our own skin, the better we will all be. 

- I believe in lifting women up by embracing the beauty of the every day.

- I believe in telling real-life stories of diverse women's experiences and finding the common bonds we all share.

- I know that if we continue to support women and mothers, we will better ourselves, and in turn, change the world.


Let's Connect

Based in Denver, Colorado, you can find me working and playing in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. If you live in the area or are here visiting this beautiful state, let me know and we can meet up for coffee or a walk (two of my favorite things).


I'm always looking to connect with other artists and mamas - I find so much inspiration from those of you who lead with your heart and bare your soul in your work. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook with the handle @truemamaphotography, or reach out directly at 


It would make my day to hear from you. In the meantime, take good care and be well.